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BoS Ref by AlecVastor BoS Ref by AlecVastor
(picture by :iconjotyler:)

The Nameless Musician
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 165 lbs
Race: CLASSIFIED [Codename: Musician]
Place of Birth: CLASSIFIED
Chosen By: Da Book. He done got a page

The Nameless Musician is one of a family of musicians whose origins are unknown. They are able to interact directly with the fabric of reality, utilizing it in the form of music. Using this they are able to travel to the countless worlds in this and any other universe. Due to their apparent agelessness and traveling abilities they are able to accumulate vast wealth, knowledge, and skills. Though most were destroyed by those afraid of their power, The Nameless Musician lived to walk through thousands of tales. However, due to a group of scientists who wished to harness his power he has forgotten the stories he has participated in. He does not remember where he has been or what he has done, only that the memories were once there and that he desperately wants them back.

The Musician is someone who has completely embraced his way of life. For him, this means that entertainment defines everything he does. Whether he is leading the town kids in a gleeful snowball fight or tearing through an army of crusaders, his continuously seeks out the next fun thing, while making decisions to preserve entertainment in the future. He doesn't have morals as normal people do, and thinks little of crime and murder. However, this does not mean he is a thoughtless killer bent on the destruction of everyone he meets. It is just that when he gets down to deciding what will be the most fun thing to do at any given time, such options are not ignored. Chaotic Neutral to the bone.
The Musician enjoys people, however he rarely likes them. He is quite capable of making friends, they just have to be interesting enough. He respects elders and loves listening to their stories. Though he has forgotten much, some things remain and he often surprises himself and others by knowing certain traditions or protocol. He loves showing up cocky people but especially enjoys forcing a person to open their horizons, making them see that the world is not quite what they thought.
Though he doesn't remember most of his life, he doesn't let that bother him. It'll come back in its own time. However, he does get angry at people who disrespect the past, or refuse to acknowledge it.
Other quirks: He loves music in all its forms and especially likes to jam with other musicians. You will never see him eat, though he will drink tea. Though he acts somewhat childish, his age is sometimes apparent especially in his appreciation for the occasional time of peace and serenity.

The only real ability the Musician has retained is his power over Music, the fabric of the universe. Normally he could use this to vast extents, drawing upon enormous energy to create or destroy at whim. However, in the Book of Stories reality works a bit differently. He can still summon forth the music itself, using his instrument the Conductor's Wand, creating melodies that are beautiful, but not necessarily useful in a fight. He cannot destroy with it, but he can create various small objects such as keys or pumpkins or sombreros and floating lights. Whatever is most amusing or entertaining for the situation. Sometimes this means even helping!
He can also use the music to fly, though really he just walks on air rather than going up up and away.
Finally he can use it to disrupt most magical abilities. It acts as a sort of interference, disturbing the leylines of power and whatnot.
Though he has lived through thousands of stories, he has forgotten all the skills he has learned on his travels. So though he may have once been an accomplished swordsman, he is nothing now but an amateur. However, rigorous training leaves certain things behind, and thus his reflexes are superb. If he deflects a blade with a handy poker with a clever flourish, he'll be as surprised as his attacker. He likes to dive into activities to see if he has retained any of the skills involved. Also, his body is highly reinforced, able to take much more damage than any average Joe. He also bleeds silver.
The Musician loves to observe people. Rather than fight in the open he would much rather manipulate things such that he gets to view fantastic interactions. He's the guy who sits on top of the courthouse and watches his carefully set up mob burn down the churches or the three warring couples finally understand their love. Because he is a nice guy, people tend to listen to him, or at least not perceive him as a real threat. He tends to show up right at the best moment to interact with someone, though whether this is skill or magic it no one knows.
Other Abilities: Though he can summon music right out of the air, he is capable of playing any instrument like a pro and has the utmost respect for professionals.
He keeps several knives on his person though he rarely uses them.
He has complete control over his shadow, though it can only interact physically with supernatural or other unnatural things.

The musician has been known to start spontaneous musical numbers in order to make an escape. If a catchy starting tune comes out of nowhere, grab him quick or you'll soon find the entire tavern in a song and dance routine.
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Murphyslaw159 Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Student Writer
But on a less surprised note, Great character you have there and if we both get in I would LOVE to have your's and mine interact.
AlecVastor Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Great minds think of snails. And yes, this is a thing that will happen.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh dear. O_O My writing style tends toward Grim!Dark. :S Musical numbers and catchy happy tunes shall murder me. :zombie:
AlecVastor Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
Catchy, sure. Happy? That depends on how many vuvuzela are in the vicinity.
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